Who are the Singing Hands Choir?

Members of the Singing Hands Choir aren’t bound by a lot of rules.  We are bound by the love of singing, of each other and of the Creator.  However, there is one requirement or belief we all adhere to the belief that the beauty of the song comes from within the singer.  The lyrics and music are secondary.


To sing the song, you must understand the song.  To feel the song, you must be able to relate to the song, to apply that song to your own life.  The Choir Director’s job is to explain to the choir in the meaning of the lyrics.  The choir member’s job is to teach the congregation Salvation through song.


Singing a song for one’s own ego or praise from man is empty.  To sing the song because your own soul is bursting to express the joy you have within is glorious!  To lift up your hands to the Lord in sheer amazement at what we have been given and the need to share that amazement in song are reasons Praise is to be given.


Our motto is “Talent Need Not Apply”.  This is our way of saying that singing praises must be from the heart and solely for the glory of our Creator and not for the pleasure of man.  We sing because we want to, not because we have to.


How can YOU join the choir?  Just come to practice Sunday mornings at 8:30 A.M.   After attending two practices in a row, you’ll be a Singing Hands Choir member!


See you Sunday morning!


Jay Sanders

  Music Director




Videos of our choir in action:

8th Annual Concert, June 14th, 2008